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A song by Craig David (although as usual with UK Garage records, it's probably somebody-else-featuring-Craig David-and-seven-or-eight-other-people : the song title also probably has the mix, the date, and some other stuff appended to it in brackets. I presume this practice is to dissuade people from ripping Garage tracks - it takes longer to type the titles than to encode the songs).

This song managed to get a lot of airplay on the major UK radio stations for several weeks, and rigidly follows the stylistic conventions of UK Garage. Although easy (and valid) to dismiss as unlistenable, saccharine warbling, on closer analysis it emerges that this is a skillfully constructed and lyrically inventive three minute groove. David sings (in his wiffly, warbly ultra-lightweight R&B style) us a sharply observed and ultra-contemporary tale about love, trust, betrayal and alienation. The fact that I find Mr. David's lifestyle and dress sense repellent and vaguely absurd (I would stop short of criticising his worldview - as it is unlikely that we can tell much about his character from a few bland pop songs, but I doubt he loses much sleep over the kind of issues that get discussed in the Guardian or on Slashdot) should not cloud my judgement of his work. This serves as a document of life among rich London wideboys at the turn of the century just as adequately as the Beatles' early work was a reflection of their era and world. Just so long as you don't play this damn record at full blast at 9AM on Sunday morning. Thank you.

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