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  Allegedly misspelled words , ruling some small space before your eyesight. (Yeah, you're probably wondering «How in-the-world did I get to this node?!»)

Scarred, like a wounded tissue, just entering restitutio ad integrum phase. Their heinous nature spawns flawless symphony.
Yet, You poor, unfortunate soul! You cannot understand words like:

Some of your time is spent anatomizing & disecting  beneath maelstrom, mundane life.

Maybe, I should buy a synonyms dictionary for today's notification :

Maybe, you can owe time?
Or, should we wait and see?

Tomorrow, I will rumor something else, until you give up, and stop following this so-called bewitching fascination → Are you really living? Or just trick-or-treating time, so it flows faster around The Universe?.
More or less like:

Dear Sisyphus,
Your bugs and glitches are achingly beautiful, that I'm afraid, there wouldn't be another systole after the diastole induced by looking in your eyes.
Stop pondering impaling techniques which use rusty nails through buttery, cardboard hearts.
By the time you've  gathered all puzzle pieces and figured out the plot, another Summer shall be weaving ivy shackles, coiled around ankles & wrists.

title inspired by amillionsons - misti blu





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