It's not always about broken hearts, you know.
Sometimes it's about ordinary things like trees and cars and houses
And it's not always about painful relationships.
sometimes it's about content people who have a good life together, also
it's about people making things work and not giving in to petty jealousy or feelings of propriety, and you know also sometimes it could be about someone telling someone else off and walking away, and not crying for days after that, and sometimes it should be about comfort and soothing, and not lying awake night after night staring at the ceiling wondering why, or someone listening to the other one and understanding and saying it's all right, everything's going to be all right
and it's not killing with silence, and not looking away, and not saying that it's over
and shutting up and closing up and keeping out and in the dark and
and diggin digging digging to find where it hurts and
never letting go and never ever letting on
and love until it burns like hate and
and turns cold like indifference
and sometimes it's
like dying

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