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The Canadian (or North American) lynx is Lynx canadensis; it is found in Canada and mountainous parts of the U.S, generally in forests with lots of undergrowth, but sometimes in more open areas. Like the bobcat, they have ruffs of hair around their faces and tufts of black hair at the points of their ears, but they are bigger than bobcats and not as prominently spotted. (They are also less aggressive.) The Canadian lynx has big feet which act as snowshoes during the winter.

They eat mostly hares; in some places their population numbers actually fluctuate according to the hare population. In other areas they supplement their diet with birds, rats, fish, and weakened deer. They are nocturnal, and usually solitary.

Their numbers are threatened, especially due to habitat being built over, but they are not in as bad shape as many of the wild cats.

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