A staple of pretty much any Chinese food restaurant or take-out in the known world. It's essentially a stir-fry mix of vegetables (bok choy, straw mushrooms, carrots, broccoli) and meats (chicken, BBQ Pork, shrimp) on a bed of pan-fried egg noodles.

Like all Chinese food, this dish suffers from Chinese Food Non-Standard Syndrome. You'll find many variations on the above ingredients (some places include scallops or exclude the chicken).

Do Chinese people actually eat this dish? Well, sort of...we usually order it at "fast food" style places and we call it "Jahp Wuy Chow Mein" which is Cantonese for (loosely translated) "mixed food fried noodles". On the Gwailo menu, though, it's always referred to as "Gong Tong Chow Mein" which means "Cantonese Fried Noodles".

If you pay more than $8.00 for this dish, you've been ripped off but you're more than welcome to come to my restaurant...I'm always looking for suckers like you.

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