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Captain SNES is a long-running, philosophical, entirely plot driven sprite comic that updates about twice a month and has around 500 issues in its archive. The entire comic is set as a sequel to the cartoon captain N The comics are of varying length, having grown from 6 to 8 panels at the beginning to 10 panels and one large one. In the comic, Alex Williams, a male college dropout who has wasted his life playing old emulated SNES games, is sucked into the world of Chrono Trigger.

Alex Williams is targeted by his five greatest vices: Hatred, Arrogance, Cynicism, Apathy, and Hypocrisy. who wish to kill him in order to save his soul from destruction at the hands of The Sovereign of Sorrow a malevolent being who only exists to remove hope from the universe. Along the way, Alex is helped by a creature named Bob, who is a shapechanger, and takes the form of anything he consumes.

During the course of the comic, various philosophical concepts have been hinted at, such as whether the characters in videoland are actually "real" and capable of change, and what it might mean if they aren’t. Captain SNES is a good webcomic, and deserves a glance through. Find it at Captainsnes.com

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