A classic Lager made by the amazing Wanaka Beerworks

For those of you who are fed up with being served fizzy, bland lagers full of nitro, there is fortunately a remedy on the way.

Cardrona Gold is one of the most beautifully crafted beers I have tasted for a long time and just begs to be drunk on a warm, sunny afternoon on the beach with your friends, while there's Matt Bianco or The Style Council on the Ipod and the girls look stunning in the light of the setting sun.

You know what kind of day I mean: It's that sort that you'll always remember first when you sit in your cold car on a rainy day in the middle of a traffic jam in London's East End.

Well, how does it taste?

It's mellow, has a wonderful smooth, slightly fruity palate and just the right amount of carbon dioxide. 4.8% alcohol just gives you the right buzz but fortunately lets you have a couple more.

You can get it in Oamaru's Criterion or order it from the brewery and 2 days later 24 0.3l bottles are standing in your doorway.


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