You better wear trad, chap!

Pub in Oamaru's victorian district, featuring an ecclectic collection of beers by the excellent Wanaka Beerworks, a microbrewery in Central Otago, New Zealand and Emerson's, a Dunedin brewery. Of course you can also get bog-standard stuff like Speight's and DB.

A local favorite, you'll find an interesting mix of locals and tourists, sipping amiably at their pints. As the proprietors of the surrounding shops take the victorian theme rather seriously, you'll find people clad rather unusually, but as oamaruvians are used to it, so will you.

And don't stare too hard.

Nice victorian interior and two cosy fireplaces to warm your bottom after a hard days work. Friday afternoons are busiest with the local craftsmen from the victorian district, and the splendid gentlemen from Alf's Army sipping their pints.

Things to say: "Trad!". Things not to say: "Australia".

Criterion Hotel
3 Tyne St Oamaru
0-3-434 6247

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