Weissbier, one of seven beers of the Emerson's brewery

I was sitting in the Criterion with a friend on a beautiful sunny spring afternoon after work and was happily sipping away at a glass of Cardrona Gold when the landlord waved a bottle of Emerson's Weissbier at me and asked me whether I want to try his newest addition to the pub's lineup.

Weissbier, literally meaning "white beer" in German, is mainly brewed in Bavaria using wheat and is one of the main foodgroups there. Tradittionally a significant amount of yeast is being kept in the bottle, where it helps the beer to mature.

Being rather sceptical about wheatbeers brewed outside Bavaria I gave this a hesitant try, but hey:

This was a beautiful, refreshing and very yeasty classic wheatbeer, just perfect for a spring evening. Rather cloudy, as bavarians intended it to be, it has a wonderful fruity palate and leaves a mellow, slightly banana-like taste in your mouth.

Highly recommended, it gets four out of five Heisenberg beer stars.

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