The company that brews PBR, the Pabst Brewing Company is a huge corporation that brews a lot more than just PBR, and has some interesting history too. It was originally founded in 1844 when Jacob Best and his four sons opened a brewery in(where else?)Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was a modest operation, but it would become one of the largest brewers in the world. In the 1850s Best started a branch office in Chicago. He used steamships to commute between Milwaukee and Chicago, and on these trips he met Frederick Pabst, a steamship captain. Pabst eventaully married Best's daughter Maria in 1862 and two years later Pabst bought a 50% interest in the Phillip Best Brewing Company. At that time output was 5,000 barrels a year. In nine years, output had gone up 2000% to 100,000 barrels a year and Pabst was President of the company. The rest is beer history. In 1893 Pabst Blue Ribbon was selected as America's finest. This has never happened since then and never will again, because today Pabst makes cheap beer and lots of it. Some of the varieties of cheap beer and assorted alcoholic beverages that Pabst makes are : As you can see, the Pabst Brewing Company makes some truly cheap beer. I personally can attest to the cheapness of PBR, Old Milwaukee, Schlitz, Schaefer(the best cheap beer there is!), and Stroh's. Stroh's, Schlitz and Old Milwaukee are all particularly bad in my opinion. PBR is not that bad, and Schaefer is the best. Colt 45 and St. Ides are both malt liquor, as in 40 oz. St. Ides is reportedly the 40 with the highest alcoholic content. I don't know the last 4 beers on the list, but looking at the website leads me to believe that Schmidt's is probably just cheap beer, but the last three might be Pabst's attempt at brewing real beer. According to the website, Pabst is now based in San Antonio, Texas where they have a brewery. There is also a brewery in Pennsylvania.

All information gathered from the Pabst website, For more information call Pabst up at 1-800-935-BEER.

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