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Don't bother complaining about the weather in Dunedin

Dunedin is relatively close to Antarctica.

Dunedin is not a well known tropical resort.

One of the main tourist attractions in Dunedin is a trek out on the Otago Peninsula to look at a colony of penguins.

Does this suggest blazing sun balmy evenings to you?

People who live in Dunedin know what the weather is like: cold, wet and windy most of the time, cold and windy some of the time, and rarely, every so often mind, sunny and warm.

When travelling or moving to Dunedin you will be warned, nay, dangered about the climate. Heed these messages if you prefer to wear shorts and singlet all year round. Gear yourself up for disappointment no matter what you expect. And for God's sake, pack a woolly jersey.

When you get to Dunedin, grin and bare the cold. If it's a nice day, don't get used to it - it will piss down later in the week.

Whatever you do, don't complain. Don't say things like "It was 23 degrees when I got on the plane" or "At home we'd be wearing shorts at this time of the year". Dunedinites already know "it's like winter!". They don't care.

Sorry, they do care about the weather. Everyone likes a warm summers day. But they don't care if you are uncomfortably cold. They aren't interested in comparisons with Sydney, San Francisco or the Sudan. You will not get sympathy from Dunedin people. At best they might chuck you a polar fleece jacket. I suggest you take it with humble thanks.

Dunedin, New Zealand is named after Edinburgh in Scotland (which is 'Dunedin' in old Gaelic). I guess the same is true for the Florida one. Don't be thinking it's that cold here though, like in the movie Scarfies where they're fully clad in woollen garments at uni. - you can't be wearing that much wool in a lecture theatre and not be sweating like a pig or about to pass out from the heat. This is an efficient operation they're running here - they have heating devices in full effect, plus once a whole bunch of warm little student bodies get crammed into the same place things can heat up pretty fast. That's only in Winter though, most of the time it's just temperate. Now it's heading into Summer and there is no shortage of pleasantly attired females wandering about in the light and colourful fabrics of the season.

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