Paradise in a 126 year old sheep baron's home on New Zealand's South Island

About 40 minute east of Oamaru, 20 km behind Ngapara towards Dansey's Pass, you start finding signs guiding you towards Tokahari. There, hidden from the world behind a giant redwood tree lies Tokarahi Homestead, a 5 star privately run.... well, calling it Bed and Breakfast would be unfair. The building was build in 1876 for wool baron Alexander McMasters who extended it with a entrance hall and reception rooms for the wedding of his daughter. Almost a ruin, this building was taken over a couple of years ago by Lyn and Mike Gray, who painstakingly restored the building, using embossed tapestry from 1891 and wallpaper with original victorian motives from WIlliam Morris. As your hosts are wearing victorian clothes, you really think that you have stepped into a different age.

There are 4 distinctly designed rooms:

  • The McCone Room, a huge room with a comfy dark interior overlooking and a luxurious bath (featuring a large clawfoot bath, large enough for two romantic noders).
  • The McMasters Room, slghtly smaller but with nice views of the verandah.
  • Muriels Room, still a bit smaller, but still quite luxurios.
  • The Blue Room, standard fare, but much cheaper.

The two hosts are amazing: they'll have a chat with you pre-Dinner in the salon, where they will serve you drinkies, serve you an amazing 4 course dinner in the astounding candle lit dining room and then leave you to it, with the champagne of your choice and the salon to yourself.

This doesn't come cheap, though. A night for two with wines and diner will set you back 350 NZ Dollar, but it is certainly worth the little financial investment.

As Lyn Gray puts it succinctly: "We encourage romance".

....and romance you'll get.

Tokarahi Homestead, 47 Dip Hill Rd, Tokarahi.
Postal : R.D. 12-C, Oamaru, New Zealand.
Phone: +64-3-4312500 Fax: +64-3-4312551

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