Carlos Mencia is a very intriguing stand-up comedian (not to be confused with a comic, mind you) with a history befitting such a jocular jester. His entire entry into standup comedy consisted of a three minute long attempt at amateur night while he was visiting the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles, California. The electrical engineering student was on a roll with the audience when he suddenly drew a blank on material. Not intending to end with bad material, Carlos simply proffered that he had run out of jokes and left the stage. The audience went wild. The owner, seeing this reaction and drawing the conclusion for himself that this was a planned happening, immediately advised that Carlos continue telling jokes.

Since then he has performed brilliantly at hundreds of shows, most notably of which were two solo specials on HBO (one for which he won a nomination for the CableACE Award) and his half-hour feature on Comedy Central Presents.

His talent is not restricted to telling his jokes on stage, however, as he has become a successful actor on TV as well as in front of a movie camera. He made his first high-profile appearance on The Tonight Show, where he delivered his jokes completely sans error or mishap. His character of Felix Boulevardez on the tv show The Proud Family was an interesting, if fleeting, part of the cast. He proved his front-stage capabilities while he hosted the popular Funny is Funny. His recent smash-hit comedy tour The Three Amigos, which sold out many times last year, was where he was noticed by Katy Wallin-Sandalis, who is working on the soon-to-be-released movie "OUTTA TIME". He was hired to play the part of Juancho, the Comic Relief of the story and best friend of lead character Mario Lopez.

His style of comedy isn't what one could call "normal" (but what good comedian's is described as such nowadays?); he employs the interesting media of observational humor to deliver eye-opening philosophy on life. If you enjoy politically incorrect humor, his act will placate your appetite to no end. Well, to a quick end, actually. You get the idea.

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