The first woman to set foot on Antarctica. Born 1906.

Mikkelsen's husband, Klarius Mikkelsen was Captain of the whaling vessel Thorshaven. On the 20th of February 1935, the Crew, including Mikkelsen, set ashore in a small bay near the Vestfold Hills, named by them after the area in Norway where their company's headquarters were located. The crew erected the Norwegian flag and a cairn to commemorate the occasion on Tryne Island (tryne is Norwegian for pure).

The area was named Ingrid Christensen Land in honour of the wife of the owner of the whaling company, Lars Christensen. Ingrid Christensen herself traveled to Antarctica in 1937.

The next sighting of the cairn was by an ANARE team in 1962, but was lost for the next 33 years. In 1995 ANARE decided to try and locate the cairn to mark the 60th anniversary of the event and were successful.

An exhaustive search managed to find Caroline Mikkelsen in 1996, who was delighted to know that the cairn was still there. At age 89, she still vividly remembered her experiences in Antarctica.

The Australian Antarctic Division is currently investigating recognition status and protection of the cairn.

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