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The scratch of pencil and paper, the rustle of plans taking shape.

Grunts from the storeroom as the pieces are brought together for the first time. A slap of metal along wood and the dry rasp of measurements being made on uncut wood.

From the back of the workshop, a high pitched hum fills the air with sound and sawdust as each piece is cut to precision.

The sharp staccato of a hammer hitting the nail on the head. With each stroke a different pitch - metal, metal, metal, metal, metal, wood. The time of each beat the same from years of practice.

The soft swoosh as sandpaper finishes the surface, smooth to the touch - each facet and joint and expression of the joy of creation.

A squeal of glee as his granddaughter sits on her own chair, hand crafted just for her. A sonata of sounds for the simple applause and smile from one special person.

repeat and fade

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