There are 13,000 cabs in New York City, but there's only one that pays you!

Cash Cab is a TV game show that airs on the Discovery Channel in the US. It is hosted by comedian and cab driver Benjamin Bailey. The basic premise of the show is essentially just a general knowledge quiz given at random. Disguised as a normal taxi, the "Cash Cab" hits the streets of New York City and picks up unassuming local travelers. After asking where the "contestants" would like to go, Ben Bailey hits a switch that lights up the roof of the cab and "surprises" them with the proposition to win some money. Once the contestants agree to being filmed, they go for a ride in the cash cab.

In the original show the questions start out with a value of $25, and go up to $50, $100 and (if you make it that far) $200. The more the question is worth, the harder it is. The contestants can get three questions wrong and get two "shout-outs" to ask for help. There is the "mobile shout-out" in which the contestants can call a friend and ask for help, and a "street shout-out" in which the cab pulls over and the contestants can ask a pedestrian walking past for help. Once the contestants have won over $200, they become eligible for the "Red Light Challenge". This is an opportunity to win some $250 on a multiple answer question. There is no penalty for wrong answers, so you can shout as many answers as you want and only the right ones will count. Once the contestants have arrived at their destination, Ben Bailey offers them the opportunity to go double or nothing on a "Video Bonus Question". A surprisingly large percentage of people go for this.

In the US, two slight variations exist called "Cash Cab: Double Ride" and "Cash Cab: After Dark". Though both versions offer double question values ($50, $100, and $200), the latter is a bit more interesting as it occassionally features slightly drunken clubbers goofing about.

Ben Bailey is an excellent host. He puts on some pretty good accents and is generally a funny, good natured guy. He adds to the show. The subject matter also keeps the show interesting, as it is usually centered around fairly functional general knowledge, with only an occasional obscure question.

The show airs on the Discovery channel at 5 PM (EST) on weekdays in the US.

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