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An incredibley cool bar on 6th St. in Austin. The dark, smokey haze that greets you along with a surly door guy turns unwanted bar elements away with attitude alone. First timers here get stared down by an extremely tattooed and pierced lump of patrons. The jukebox blares old school, loud rock and roll.

Stiff drinks only come to those that show bartenders love. Casino serves the best burger in Austin. The cooks here pride themselves on this, and they won't take an ounce of shit from a customer. Cash or credit? Get used to that from waitresses who don't really care about you. In the back is an outdoor patio with a fountain in the middle, this is the best place to go if you are not a regular.

Give a place credit if they have slanted pool tables and you still love it. I mean, the Shiner Bock tastes like water, and more attitude is given than love. But, the high population of big little babies and non Greek(fraternity or sorority) presence gets me everytime. I mean, where can you eat a greasy spoon 1/3 pound cheeseburger and watch Ravenous at the same time?

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