A long, close-fitting, ankle-length garment of the cleric that buttons down in front and is often tied at the waist with a cincture. Ordinary clerics (not hardline clerics) wear a black cassock, bishops a purple one, and cardinals red. Only the Pope wears a white cassock. It is worn by the clergy of certain churches usu during service and under vestments and by choiristers under a surplice or cotta.

Cas"sock (?), n. [F. casaque, fr. It. casacca, perh. fr. L. casa cottage, in It., house; or of Slavic origin.]


A long outer garment formerly worn by men and women, as well as by soldiers as part of their uniform.

2. Eccl.

A garment resembling a long frock coat worn by the clergy of certain churches when officiating, and by others as the usually outer garment.


© Webster 1913.

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