Located on the aptly named Island of the Sun, The Sun God or Helios (The god in the chariot not the smiling ball of flame) tended to this decadently plump crop of cattle. All travelers from East to West knew that to dine upon these tanned burgers would be at first pleasant (due to taste), but later an after-taste of the wrath of the Sun God.

Just who would be stupid enough to not listen to the Fates and feast on the Cows?

Odysseus' starved crew are the most famous. Quite foolishly, for the Sun God perched in the sky sees all. While Odysseus was away praying, his crew killed, roasted, and ate the oxen. As foretold by Odysseus, as soon as their ship left land it was shattered by a thunderbolt. The only survivor was the cunning Odysseus, who clung to the ship's mast and eventually floated to Calypso's island.

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