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In Latin

Adeste, hendecasyllabi, quot estis
omnes undique, quotquot estis omnes.
Iocum me putat esse moecha turpis,
et negat mihi nostra reddituram
pugillaria, si pati potestis.
Persequamur eam et reflagitemus.
Quae sit, quaeritis? Illa, quam videtis
turpe incedere, mimice ac moleste
ridentem catuli ore Gallicani.
Circumsistite eam, et reflagitate,
"moecha putida, redde codicillos,
redde putida moecha, codicillos!"
Non assis facis? O lutum, lupanar,
aut si perditius potes quid esse.
Sed non est tamen hoc satis putandum.
Quod si non aliud potest ruborem
ferreo canis exprimamus ore.
Conclamate iterum altiore uoce.
"Moecha putide, redde codicillos,
redde, putida moecha, codicillos!"
Sed nil proficimus, nihil mouetur.
Mutanda est ratio modusque vobis,
siquid proficere amplius potestis:
"pudica et proba, redde codicillos."


Come here, nasty words, so many I can hardly 
tell where you all came from. 
That ugly slut thinks I'm a joke 
and refuses to give us back 
the poems, can you believe this shit? 
Lets hunt her down , and demand them back! 
Who is she, you ask? That one, who you see 
strutting around, with ugly clown lips, 
laughing like a pesky French poodle. 
Surround her, ask for them again! 
"Rotten slut, give my poems back! 
Give 'em back, rotten slut, the poems!" 
Doesn't give a shit? Oh, crap. Whorehouse. 
or if anything's worse, you're it. 
But I've not had enough thinking about this. 
If nothing else, lets make that 
pinched bitch turn red-faced. 
All together shout, once more, louder: 
"Rotten slut, give my poems back! 
Give 'em back, rotten slut, the poems!" 
But nothing helps, nothing moves her. 
A change in your methods is cool, 
if you can get anything more done.
"Sweet thing, give my poems back!"

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