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After a brief flurry of concerns during the early to mid 90's about the impact of microwave Cell Phone radiation on public health, interest in the topic seemed to vanish during the late 90's and early years of the third millennium. Interestingly, this trend continued despite numerous studies in various countries which found that Cell Phone radiation had many unexpected effects upon biological systems. While connections to Cancer were found to be tenuous, short term exposure to Cell Phone Radiation was found to have significant impact upon other aspects of the mind and body.

Following are points from a number of studies.

Lab rats were found to have their short term memory impaired after being exposed to electromagnetic radiation (EM) at frequencies and amplitudes common in portable phones, markedly affecting their performance in a maze after 1 hour/day periods of EM exposure. In a second experiment designed to measure the time needed to complete a maze task, it was estimated that exposed animals required approximately one third more time than the control rats. {1}

Using an apparatus which tested for object recognition, researchers found that exposed rats suffered observable memory loss after EM radiation exposure. This test was done in 1994 specifically testing the effects of portable phones. {2}

The blood-brain barrier in test animals is made permeable to foriegn substances in the blood which would not normally be allowed to pass through brain cell walls. This, according to one group of researchers, was discovered when dye was injected into the blood stream of test rats and found to be absorbed by brain cells in exposed rats after twenty minutes, but not by those in the unexposed control group.{3}

The general effect of EM on the endochrine system, (the system of glands throughout the body, including the adrenal, thyroid and pancreatic among others,) is also noteworthy. The results from a variety of studies were lengthy and, frankly, difficult to briefly document as it seems different glands react to different frequencies and power levels in a wide variety of ways, sometimes having opposite effects simply by changing the pulse rate of a given wave form. Research only scratches the surface, and it seems that the potential for further study is enormous. Essentially, EM radiation as emitted from Cell Phones, pagers, wireless computer hardware and computer monitors does a wide range of strange things to the human body. One researcher simply summed up the overall effect of EM on the glandular system as resulting in, 'general stress disorder'. {4}

Delta Wave sleep patterns of test subjects were found to be inhibited after regular exposure, (one hour per day), to frequencies and power levels commonly emitted from computer monitors and in other tests, higher frequency portable phones. {5}

--With a drive for faster, cheaper and higher power wireless digital equipment, the general public might be well advised to remain cautious of the possible health hazards associated with the increased use of microwave active devices.

In the few instances where the large telecommunications companies have been challenged regarding the safety of their products, it is interesting to note that their public relations stances have been remarkably similar to those once commonly employed by the cigarette industry concerning tobacco use. It will be interesting to observe the direction and ultimate outcome of these trends.

-The above information was last updated in early 2000.

--The below update--Jan 2003--

--Further research into this area has turned up a mountain of data. Thousands of pages of research have been done by hundreds of scientists worldwide.

One of the most valuable works in the field, for its accessability and thoroughness was written by Robert O. Becker. --Robert O. Becker is a leading expert in the field of biological electricity and regeneration. Twice nominated for the Nobel Prize, he is an orthopedic surgeon and a full professor at the State University of New York, Upstate Medical Center, and Louisiana State University Medical Center in Shreveport. His book, entitled, Cross Currents, published in 1990 is both easy to digest and jam packed with insights into the matter of EM radiation in our society. Look it up.

Among its many insights include logical, non-skeptical explanations for why acupuncture works, and (indirectly) the phenomenon of Auras. Perhaps most important to this node, however, is a description of one of the actual physical mechanisms by which brain cells are affected by EM radiation; the holy grail when it comes to Cell Phone radiation. --Essentially, naturally occuring Lithium in the brain, (the active ingredient in anti-depressant drugs), resonates with certain electrical frequencies, and in conjunction with the Earth's magnetic field, becomes specifically excited and much more readily penetrates the blood-brain barrier. The effect has been described as the equivalent of recieving a medicinal dose of Lithium drug.

I have taken the liberty of reproducing the relavent section on an outside website where I have scanned two applicable diagrams. It can be viewed at. . .



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