1. In the begining there was Command and Conquer.

  2. no. In the Beginning there was Dune 2. Then there was Command and Conquer: Tiberian Dawn. And to say that it was good world be an understaement of such proportions that mortal men (and women) can only dream of. It, quite rightly, scored over 90% in all of it's reviews. And lo! Many publishers looked on to the great god Westwood and said "If they can do it, so can we!" And thus did graven images appear. Unworthy of the label that was granted unto them, that of C&C Clone

  3. But the Great God of RTS Westwood, did not rest upon their laurels. For they knew that C&C was mearly a prelude to what was to come. And inspiration hath come down on them "Great god of RTS Westwood" Spoketh the Inspiration "Setteth thy game in the era known to all as the second world war", And Thus did the GGoRTSW heed the advice of the voice, altering it slightly for maximum variation on other's ideas. And Thusly was C&C:Red Alert born, and thus did the GGoRTSW win many worshipers.

  4. And so did C&C:RA sell, and so were Westwood pleased, that they took their rest, To work upon a new game.

  5. And thusly did many more false idols appear, Each a prentender to the crown that the GGoRTSW alone wore, so that Pagans were heard to mutter of a change of leadership, Fractions developed between the loyal supporters of the GGoRTSW and the so-called Great God Of RTS Cavedog (scGGoRTSC)

  6. And Lo! GGoRTSW did present it's counter attack and it called it... Tiberian Sun.
  7. And thusly will the GGoRTSW smite the pretenders it's crown. and the scGGoRTSC will be kicked back into the age of chivelry, to teach it that Nobody will ever better the GGoRTSW.

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