Sister of Genghis and Kublai? Hired by a rock band called Rufus, they shot to stardom on hits like "Tell Me Something Good"; Chaka was a tiny lass with a big voice and, reportedly, an even bigger ego - she went solo, and no tears were shed in either the Khan or Rufus camps. Hits followed, on albums full of Hollywood slickness and clock-punching, but she had eaten herself out of her Rufus-era bare-midriff togs (bequeathed to Janet Jackson). It's good to be the queen. Pass the ketchup.

Her biggest hit as a solo artist, "I Feel for You, is notable because 1) It was the first hit record to feature a rap in place of a bridge (by Melle Mel), and 2) It was the first big Prince remake. Chaka did not want the rap in the song, by the way, but she was forced to accept it. I guess she didn't really know what sells

In recent years, Chaka has joined Prince's label and recorded a new album.

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