Some of the player nicknames in the XFL:

Los Angeles Xtreme:
Big Daddy -- Jerry Crafts
Deathblow -- Jamal Duff
E-Rupt -- Errick Herrin
The Truth -- Rashan Sheehee

Las Vegas Outlaws:
B-Mack -- Brandon Sanders
Chuckwagon -- Chrys Chukwuma
He Hate Me -- Rod Smart

Memphis Maniax:
Big Cat -- Antonio Anderson
Chaka -- Shante Carver
Druck -- Jim Druckenmiller

New York/New Jersey Hitmen:
Baby Boy -- Haven Fields
Big Time -- Donnie Caldwell
Gladiator -- Michael Blair
Hurricane -- Joey Eloms

San Francisco Demons:
Hit Squad -- Otis Floyd
J-Roc -- James Williams
Super-C -- Craig Powell

Note: UPN announcer Brian Bosworth, upon seeing E-Rupt's name in the Xtreme's season-opener in San Francisco, made an ebonics joke. Something like, "E-Rupt -- what is that, ebonics?" Then Boz realized that what he just said could easily be considered racist, and he was kinda quiet for the next minute or so.

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