Pink Floyd's album Pulse was noted for the fact that the jewel case had a pulsing red LED on it. As with all things electronic this requires power, supplied in this case by a battery with a life-span of between 12-18 months. Because the CDs are shipped as a sealed unit it is apparently impossible to replace the battery once Pulse stops pulsing.

Do not be disheartened! Help is at hand, and it is a fairly simple procedure to replenish your CDs supply of electrons.

First remove the book containing the CDs and the piece of cardboard from the jewel case. Now use a sharp knife (an ordinary kitchen knife should be OK) to carefully separate the cardboard tab at the inside bottom of the case from the wall -- it is held there with a couple of dabs of adhesive and there should be a slit already visible.

Now go back to the cutlery drawer from where you go the knife, and get a fork. Use the fork to gently prise the tab free from the side walls of the case. You should see a small printed circuit board which should slide out into your hand. Turn it over and replace the dead battery with a fresh one.

As all good car workshop manuals say, "reassembly is a reversal of disassembly". You shouldn't need to glue the tab back in place, but you're welcome to try if you like.

There you go, you have now breathed a new lease of life into your Pulse CD once more.

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