This node is dedicated to all of those who have been playing Dynasty Warriors for years, and have wondered just how much a bad-ass Lu Bu was, or why not to pursue him. You might also want to know if the real or literary Xu Zhu was as fat and worthless as he is in the game, if Zhang He really was so effeminate, and if the enemy camp was "pretty."

In Koei's American version of the games, the names are given in their Pinyin transcriptions. However, most of the available translations available today give the names of the characters (as well as the author) in Wade-Giles, making it tough to follow your favorite characters through the story. In this write-up I've given the full cast of Dynasty Warriors 5 and their Wade-Giles counterparts which appear in the novel. So pop in your favorite 80s hard rock CD and armed with this knowledge, pursue Lu Bu all you want through the billion or so pages of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

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