Charlottesville is similar to Santa Fe, NM. Both are somewhat liberal cities located in conservative states. Both have a positively intellectual presence in the middle of relatively barren environments.

Charlottesville is home to many world-renowned authors and philosophers: James Cargile, James Childress, Jon Milbank, Rita Dove, Larry Sabato, Charles Mathewes, Julian Bond, among others.

The Dave Matthews Band played in Charlottesville often before they became famous. As a result, a local concert venue, Traxx, is able to pull in many notable music acts. In the year of 2000, Ben Harper, 311, and Guster all played to crowds of fewer than 400 people. This provides a unique experience for members of the community to enjoy famous musical groups in a personal setting.

Charlottesville is very close to the Appalachian Trail, and many outdoor activities are easily available to the willing enthusiasts.

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