Founded in 1819 by Thomas Jefferson in picturesque Charlottesville, VA as the premiere institution of higher learning. Beautiful campus characterized by architecture found during the university's inception. Generally either Berkeley or UVa is considered to be the top public university in the US.

Especially famous for their English, Languages, Business, Law, Nuclear Engineering, Systems Engineering, Religious Studies, Astrophysics, and Environmental Science programs.

Despite how many seem to consider UVa's engineering program, their computer science program is exceptionally good, and rapidly getting much better even. Being the baby of the NSF's research into teaching CS doesn't hurt either.

Beyond that, one awesome student atmosphere, where students are trusted to run most everything, the honor code is fundamental to life, and everyone works and plays hard. Nearly every student at UVa has an extreme love for the university, e.g. it is often referred to as "the University".

UVa's mascots are the Cavalier and (unofficially) the Wahoo.

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