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Trophy given to the winning school of the annual Virginia-Virginia Tech football game. The rivalry has been played since 1895 (with several gaps), but the Cup was not introduced until 1996, created by the Jostens jewelry company. The Cup is currently sponsored by Dominion Virginia Power, and the game is officially called the "Dominion Commonwealth Classic," but most fans of both schools just refer to it as The Game.

This game can make or break a season, despite the fact that until the 2004 season, it was a non-conference game (and thus its effects on bowl positioning were limited). Tech fans usually at least appear to care more about the game than UVa fans, but much of that is due to UVa's (perceived) snobbery; Hokies want to take the arrogant 'Hoos down a peg, while Wahoos don't think VT is a worthy opponent for their <SARCASM> fine institution </SARCASM>. 'Hoos do tend to get quite upset when they lose The Game, though.

The overall series record is VT 43 wins, UVa 37 wins, and 5 ties. Scores of the games since the Cup was introduced are listed here.

1996: @Virginia Tech 26, Virginia 9
1997: @Virginia 34, Virginia Tech 20
1998: Virginia 36, @Virginia Tech 32
1999: Virginia Tech 31, @Virginia 7
2000: @Virginia Tech 42, Virginia 21
2001: Virginia Tech 31, @Virginia 17
2002: @Virginia Tech 21, Virginia 9
2003: @Virginia 35, Virginia Tech 21

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