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Chaves is the name given in Brazil to the Tv series "El Chavo del Ocho" originally filmed in Mexico.Created and starred by Roberto Bolanos,the show was originally on air from 1971 to 1992 on channel 8 in Mexico. In Brazil it is exhibited by SBT channel since August 24, 1984 and recently by Cartoon Network channel too.

The show tells the story of a very humble orphan boy, which is known as Chaves ,and lives in a humble village spending most of time inside a barrel that is his hiding place.
In the Village , he passes through the most fun situations with his neighbors and visitors.The show uses simple forms of comedy (such as slapstick and irony),focuses on critical social interaction among neighbors, satirizing their attitudes.

Main Characters

• Chaves

Played by: Roberto Gómez Bolaños.

Description: Chaves is the main character who gives name to the show. A poor boy, orphaned and very clumsy, always with the same old tight clothes and hidden in his barrel. Contrary to popular belief, he does not live in the barrel,he lives in house number 8, and his real name is a mystery.

• Seu Madruga

Played by: Ramón Gómez Castillo Valdez.

Description: Probably the fans' favorite character on the show, he is a very simple guy who is always scheming and working odd jobs to survive. He is always running away from Senhor Barriga to avoid having to pay the rent of his house where he lives with his daughter Chiquinha.

• Chiquinha

Played by : Maria Antonieta de las Nieves

Description: Seu Madruga’s daughter,Chiquinha is a short,freckled and smart girl who is always trying to find a way to take advantage of Chaves and Quico’s ingenuity.

• Quico

Played by: Carlos Villangrán Eslavan.

Description: It's a silly , spoiled and cheeky boy . He is 9 years old and is Chave's best friend . Lives in house number 14 with his mother, Dona Florinda.

• Dona Florinda

Played by: Florinda Meza García

Description: It is an arrogant woman who claims to be of high society, but it is so humble as her neighbors.She is always slapping Seu Madruga, accusing him of beating her son quico

• Dona Clotilde

Played by: Angelines Fernández Abad.

Description: Known for the children of the village as the "witch of 71", Dona Clotilde is always trying to please Seu Madruga, by whom she is in love for.

• Seu Barriga

Played by : Edgar Vivar

Description : It is the owner of the village and prefers to go personally to collects the rent from tenants. It is always greeted by an accidentally blow of Chaves on his doorstep in the village.Hi has a son named Nhonho.

• Professor Girafales

Played by: Rubén Fuentes Aguirre

Description: Also known as a Mestre Linguiça, it is the teacher of the school where the neighborhood children study.He always goes to village bringing flowers to Dona Florinda.

Secondary characters

- Jaiminho
- Dona Neves
- Glória
- Frederico
- Popis
- Paty
- Nhonho
- Godinez

Chaves has achieved great popularity in Hispanic America, as well as in Spain, Brazil, United States and other countries. The pinnacle of the series was in 1975, but it began to suffer drastic changes in 1978 when the actor Carlos Villagran got very famous with his character Quico, and decided to pursue a solo career.In the same year,Ramon Valdez ( Seu Madruga) also left the show.
At the end of the 80’s,the episodes were declining and the cast became too much old to interpreted children.
The production of the show was interrupted on January 12, 1992, without a farewell episode.

You can see more about in here : [http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_Chavo_del_Ocho|

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