Forming in the early 70's under the name Sick Man Europe (which originally was Fuse), Cheap Trick influenced a whole generation of power popers.

Cheap Trick is Rick Nielson, Robin Zander, Bun E. Carlos and Tom Petersson.
The band released their first album in 1977, and have released quite a few since. They are currently still touring and released their last album "Silver" in 2001.

Their sound was power-pop with often subversive and funny lyrics.

The bands biggest hit and probally best album was "Live at Budokan" (1979), which has been important to a large amount of people. Though the band isn't very popular anymore they still have a large following.


"Cheap Trick" (1977)
"In Color" (1977)
"Heaven Tonight" (1978)
"Live at Budokan" (1979)
"Dream Police" (1979)
"All Shook Up" (1980)
"One on One" (1982)
"Next Position Please" (1983)
"Standing on the Edge" (1985)
"The Doctor" (1986)
"Lap of Luxury" (1988)
"Busted" (1990)
"Woke Up with a Monster" (1994)
"Cheap Trick" (1997)
"Music For Hangovers" (live) (1999)
"Silver" (live) (2001)

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