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Chez Jules is a French restaurant in Birmingham, England. The food is excellent, being tasty, unpretentious and inexpensive. The whole restaurant has a relaxed approach to eating; you won't get the finest linen and silver cutlery but you do get friendly, efficient service. The majority of the tables have benches for seating, making Chez Jules excellent for a large group. A couple of my favourite points about the place is that you get your wine in a small tumbler type glass (making it far easier to drink) and you are guaranteed a candle in a wine bottle at your table.

Due to the restaurant’s casual nature you get a good mix of people in the place, not a bunch of hoity-toity types hanging out there because the culture section of the week's Sunday Times told them to.

The food itself is great. It is very meat and butter based. A vegetarian on a strict diet may have problems. The menu is changed daily, which is pretty impressive considering that there is always a choice of about ten main dishes. They all come with a choice of chips, which are called French fries of course, or gratin Dauphinois.

They used to have a great tradition whereby parties celebrating at the restaurant could write a little message on the bright yellow air ducts hanging from the ceiling. After a recent re-decoration this practice has sadly stopped.

For the interested, Chez Jules can be found in the wonderfully named Ethel Street, off New Street in the city centre.

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