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The Selly Sausage is a small cafe of the greasy spoon variety. It is situated in Selly Oak, the main student area for the University of Birmingham, England. They make one of the most satisfying mugs of tea I have ever had the pleasure of drinking and their toast is first class.

The mainstay of most greasy spoons, the fried breakfast, has many varieties in the Selly Sausage, from full English with black pudding through to vegetarian. They also do a fine range of thick, American style pancakes, burgers and the Athlete's Grill, a whopping plateful of grilled meats.

Students form the majority of the diners, their needs being well catered for; breakfast is served all day. Whilst at night, and drunk, you might head to Adam's Plaice (just over the road) for chips and gravy or a donner, it will be to the Selly Sausage where you head, hungover, the next morning/afternoon.

Over the years I have been frequenting this fine establishment the decor has changed little, thankfully. The walls are filled with huge, and rather well done, portraits of Bob Marley, John Lennon and Che Guevara.

The Selly Sausage is memorable for me because I calmed my pre-exam nerves there on many occasions during my time the university. Nothing prepares you better for a few hours of mental exertion than a belly full of fatty animal products.

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