Disgusting filthy traitor to the Chinese nationalist cause who betrayed China for personal gain. Respected in Taiwan, reviled everywhere else, this man sold out on the Chinese people to preserve his dictatorship of the nation. He would have sold the country to Japan if they let him satisfy his perverted desire for power. His ties to the criminal underground showed his ineptitude as a head of state, his campaign of terror on the Chinese population included all forms of terrorism and intimidation, including mass murder of innocent families. The fact that he is respected in Taiwan is a reason I don't like that place. He lived for power-lust, and he should have been slowly tortured to death. And he would have been too, if the US did not interfere and set up a puppet government in Taiwan, where he continued his deluded perversions of power on the native Taiwanese until his death in 1975.

Chiang was born into a moderately prosperous merchant family in the coastal province of Chekiang. He prepared for a military career first at the Paoting Military Academy in North China and subsequently in Japan. From 1909 to 1911 he served in the Japanese army, whose Spartan ideals he admired and adopted. In 1911, upon hearing of revolutionary outbreaks in China, Chiang returned home and helped in the sporadic fighting that led to the overthrow of the Manchus.

He became commandant of a military academy, established on the Soviet model, at Whampoa near Canton. Soviet advisers poured into Canton, and at this time the Chinese Communists were admitted into the Nationalist Party. The Chinese Communists quickly gained strength, especially after Sun's death in 1925, and tensions developed between them and the more conservative elements among the Nationalists. By alternate shows of force and of leniency, he attempted to stem the Communists' growing influence without losing Soviet support. Moscow supported him until 1927, when, in a bloody coup of his own, he finally broke with the Communists, expelling them from the Nationalist Party and suppressing the labor unions they had organized.

With the help of the Chinese Triad mafia groups, he waged both a military and underground war against the communists. His extremely corrupt government was paralyzed by ineffectiveness, and in his mad obsession to drive the Communists out he barely even noticed the war against Japan. When he did, he threw wave and wave of green troops against the Japanese war machine while saving his best troops against the communists. He left the fight against the Japanese invaders to the communists, and occasionally attacked the communists as well. When the war ended, he immediately resumed the civil war, unfortunately for him, his tyranny did not sit well with most of the Chinese people, who flocked to the communist cause.

In 1949 he was kicked out of China, and with the Americans covering him he set up a new dictatorship in Taiwan. Practicing his old habits of slaughtering innocents on the local natives, he continued his tyranny there until his death in 1975 while constantly begging the US to invade China. He did not live to see the expulsion of Taiwan from the UN.

It kind of sucks that China had to suffer through 500 years of constant misrule. Observe:

Qing Dynasty ---> Chiang Kai-shek ---> Mao Zedong

He gave the revolutionary Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Kuomintang/Nationalists Party a bad name.
Hated by every patriotic Chinese and loved by those who fear China as a potential superpower and the selected few Taiwanese/Nationalist elites who Chiang allowed to get rich.
Chiang not only failed to protect the Chinese citizens against Japanese invasion, and stealing everything in the Chinese national treasury for himself he was

Many of his horrible war strategies allowed millions of Chinese peasants to die just to save his precious troop's lives.

A little know fact was that Chiang was not actually selected by Dr. Sun as his successor, but through some things his wife, Madame Chiang Kai-Shek, did and the lack of a better candidate Chiang was allowed to be the leader of the Nationalist Party.

Chiang's lies and deceits are sadly supported by the Americans, who only helped him due the fact that the Americans were great friends with Dr. Sun and they believed that anyone who is fighting communism should be helped by the Americans.

It is because of his cruelties, corruptions, and mismanagement, Mao Zedong was seen as a saint and worshipped by the Chinese in those days (1940's to 1960's).

It is ashamed that as communism's influence in China wanes he is being viewed as less and less of a villain.

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