A character from the Pokey the Penguin comic strip. Chicken Delicious looks just like Pokey, as do most minor characters in the strip (regardless of whether they should look like a penguin or not), and meets Pokey in strip #24: "LET US MEET CHICKEN DELICIOUS." The two become friends and go driving. In the last panel of the strip we see Chicken Delicious tell Pokey "POKEY LET'S RELAX WITH A CIGARETTE!" Pokey then proclaims that he is in flavor country. This is a reference to an old series of Marlboro cigarette ads. ("Come to where the flavor is. Come to Marlboro Country.")

In the next comic strip (titled "CHICKEN DELICIOUS IS A BAD INFLUENCE"), Little Girl (Pokey's little sister, sometimes called Small Child) tells Pokey that Chicken Delicious is a bad influence after Pokey says she seems tense and should relax with a cigarette. Pokey's retort: "WELCOME TO FLAVOR COUNTRY!" Little Girl leaves, returning later with a smoking gun and informing Pokey that Chicken Delicious will no longer be a bad influence on him. In the final panel, Little Girl tells Pokey that chicken is for dinner and it's delicious. Pokey cheers.

A similar fate meets Chicken Delicious' brother, Chicken Adventurous, in strip #105 (titled "CHICKEN ADVENTUROUS"). Chicken Adventurous came in search of his brother, Chicken Delicious, and was apparently never a bad influence but when dinner time rolled around, chicken was the meal. Pokey said the chicken dinner sounded "ADVENTUROUS!!!" In this strip Pokey informs Little Girl that Chicken Adventurous' father is Chicken Reliable. It's possible Chicken Reliable is also Chicken Delicious' father. There have yet to be any further encounters between the Chicken family and Pokey the Penguin.

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