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From: The Thorough Good Cook

Poultry: 33. Chicken Pot-Pie

Take a fine chicken, from three to four pounds, draw, wipe well, and cut into twelve pieces. Put these in a pan, and cover them with cold water; leave them for thirty minutes, then wash well, drain, and return them to the saucepan. Cover again with fresh water, season with two pinches of salt, one pinch of pepper, and a third of a pinch of nutmeg; add a bunch of six small onions, and four ounces of salt pork, cut into square pieces. Cook for three-quarters of an hour, taking care to skim well ; then add one pint of raw potatoes and three tablespoonfuls of flour diluted with a cupful of water. Stir until it boils, then let cook for ten minutes. Remove the bouquet, and transfer the whole to a deep baking-dish; moisten the edges slightly with water, and cover the top with a good pie crust. Egg the surface, make a few transverse lines on the paste with a fork, and cut a hole in the centre. Bake in a brisk oven for twenty minutes, and when quite cold, serve.

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