Some suggested titles for books in the Chicken Soup for the -insert soul-type here- Soul series.

By Jane Shlimovich and Zach Sussman

Chicken Soup must occur for the Determinist Soul
CSicnh KuEpo for the Cubist Soul
Chicken Soup Except for Jews for the Fascist Soul
Chicken Soup doesn’t exist for the Atheist Soul
Everyone gets Chicken Soup in really small amounts for the Marxist Soul
Chicken Soup burning my genitals for the Masochist Soul
Chicken Soup on the table when I get home or ELSE for the Abusive Husband Soul
Chicken Cordon Bleu for the Epicurean Soul
Chicken Soup up my butt for the Sodomist Soul
Chicken Soup is guaranteed in the Constitution for the NRA Soul
Chicken Soup? for the Agnostic Soul
Chicken Soup.... for the Moral Relativist Soul
Chicken Soup or not, I don’t care for the Stoic Soul
Chicken Soup or we bomb for the Religiously Fanatic Muslim Soul
Chicken Urinals for the Dadaist Soul
Chicken Soup Cans for the Pop-Art Soul
Chicken Soup in lipstick for the Transvestite Soul
Chicken Soup without salt for the Kosher Soul
Chicken... Blaaahghggghhg for the Bulimic soul
Chicken Soup Lite for the LA Soul
chicken soup for the ee cummings soul
Chicken Soup Energy Bars for the Yuppie Soul
Chkicne Souq for the Dyslexic Soul
Chicken Soup is futile for the Nihilist Soul
Chicken Soup FINALLY after waiting in a line for an hour for the Russian Soul
Chicken Soup is other people for the Existentialist Soul
Chicken Soup was once my mother for the Buddhist Soul
Chicken Soupe doth verily boil upon the cauldron for the Shakespearian Soul
Chicken Soup, like, fucking blows for the Generation-X Soul
Chicken Soup at 5 dollars a share for the Wallstreet Soul

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