A seemingly universeral truth that tends to work for most people (geeks, nerds, musicians, shy people), and it does for me...well, to an extent.

It all started from a midnight screening of Mystery Train. Where I was planning on giving away an unopened Darth Vader Pez dispenser to the dreamiest girl there. I was kinda hoping for a rejection. Because I suspect I may be addicted to romantic failure too. And well, the dreamiest girl there was hanging all over another girl.

So I went to a bar and told a complete stranger about my mishap and repeated mishaps, and she just told me "Gee, I don't know what to say. Good luck I guess."

So I went home, drank some more, wrote about it, and played River City Ransom to cheer up.

Then I started the whole PEZ for girls thing at work, and suffered playful ridicule. Names like pez pimp, and a sundry of commentary.

Some girls turn it away.
Some girls can't/don't eat candy.
Some girls happen to be chewing gum at the time.
Some girls are like sure, yeah!
And a few girls out there are all... GIMME!

In fact I had one come in that was like that last night. She liked good movies. She was a PEZ fan to the max. And she had an 18-Wheeler PEZ dispenser that put my Boba Fett to shame. But...she just had to have a boyfriend.

It coulda been love or at least a fleeting affair, or something...alas, alas. And my quest continues.

Okay, so this made me look like a complete loser. I could give two shits.

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