A chain of greasy little mexican restaraunts in El Paso Texas that try to pass themselves off as burger and hot dog joints. They are famous for what's NOT on the menu... the rolled tacos. you can get them in single (3 tacos), double (6 tacos), and triple (9 tacos) orders. The tacos come with a strange secret sauce and some damn good chile.

Let me warn you though... by eating here, you run the risk of painful runs later that night or early the next morning.

The best damn fast-food restaurant in El Paso, or anywhere, for that matter.

There are, sadly, only four Chico's Tacos locations: on Alameda, Montana, Dyer, and McRae streets in sunny El Paso, Texas. Quality varies widely between locations; I personally prefer the one on Dyer (probably because I spent the better part of my childhood there, requesting Pantera on the jukebox and playing Mortal Kombat... but I digress). The one on Alameda is kind of gross.

The secret of Chico's Tacos is the heaping handful of grade-D government cheese they're buried under. The "secret sauce" is just tomato. Take it easy with the green chile sauce... a tiny dab is all you need, trust me.

As far as "painful runs," nothing like that has ever happened to me, though I do have a friend who got ringworm from walking into Chico's barefoot. YMMV.

Oh yeah... Chico's is open 24/7, and is always packed, especially after the bars close. Be prepared to wait in line.

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