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I found these in the back of a cookbook put together by my old elementary school. They were submitted by kindergartners and first graders. I've trimmed them down to some of my favorites.

In the book, corrected spelling was given in parenthesis. I've hardlinked misspelled words/phrases to their correct spellings instead.

Put 10 nudlzu in hot water. Then put in uvnu.
Pinto Beans
Put 4 beans in a pot. Put 2 scoops of water. Cook them for 2 minutes. Eat corn bread with them.
3 c. av back cholet
2 c. av egg

10 mens to cook and let it cool off for 1 minute. Eat.
French Fries
2 gal. oil
5 French fries

Put it on the stove and put five fries. Let it cook. I love fries.
Cook 8 hams. You don't put nothing on it. Cook it in the oven for 1 hour.
Is Km
Buy chocolate ice cream at the store. I eat it with a spoon.
Chicken Casserole
6 c. chicken
9 crackers

Smash crackers and put on top of the chicken. Cook it for a while and then eat it.
Spaghetti Meatballs

You have to cook it. Put it in a pan and put it on the stove and cook it.
Noodle Soup
Open the can.
Cizz Hat Doogs
Fast you pat the cizz on the ban and the hat doogs.
Mix the dough by putting 10 cups of milk and 4 cups flour in a pan. Pat it out to make the crust. Put 1 cup mayonnaise on top of the ketchup. Put 1 cup of bacon on top of that. Bake at 40º for 50 minutes.
You ned coke dao
And Chalet cheps

You taek the daou and ckals and bac at.
Be Sceteos
Remove lid and remove paper. Put lid back on. Cook in microwave for 1 minute. Remove lid and stir.
Apple Solws
Pill the apples. Chop it up. Botle it up. Paut it in the fridge.
3 cops of pent buodr
3 cops of ouell

Mix them together. Put them on tin foil.
1 c. flour
2 bowls of eggs

Put it on some kind of dish - a long dish - but it is delish.
Peanut Butter Sandwich
I'm making a sandwich and I know how to making and I'm going to making. You put peanut butter.
French Fry
First you got some potato two or three potatoes and then you cut them and you put them in a pot then you wait until you see it is ready and it's who you mack French fry.
Cs Nuz
Add ndst th ch. Cook it for 5 minutes. Eat it. Yum! Yum!

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