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The most ubiquitous of the 23 wards of Tokyo, Chiyoda is situated around the Imperial Palace and a radius of about one kilometer from the palace boundaries, occupying the Akihabara, Marunouchi, Otemachi, Yurakucho, and Nagatacho districts. Tokyo Station, the Diet Building, the Kantei, and the Budokan are all located in Chiyoda. Hosei University, Nihon University, Sophia University, Meiji University, and Kyoritsu University are all located in Chiyoda, and so are Yasukuni Shrine and Hibiya Park, and the St. Nicolai Cathedral.

Chiyoda literally means "field of a thousand ages," and the name is intended as a blessing of the Emperor, similar to the first two lines of the national anthem Kimigayo: Kimi ga yo wa / chiyo ni yachiyo ni "May your reign last / for one thousand ages, for eight thousand ages."

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