Chocolate wine is wine with chocolate flavoring added. It seems like a rather obvious idea, to add together two of people's favorite indulgences, but the widespread commercial availability of chocolate wine has only happened in the past few years. Chocovine, one of the first and most popular brands, became available in 2009. Since then, a number of other brands of chocolate wine have become available. Also, chocovine now offers several different varieties, including raspberry and espresso.

The idea of chocolate wine might be something that the true wine connoisseur might object to, in the way that a gourmet chef might object to a cheese burger with Kraft Mac & Cheese squished between the buns. And it is true that the idea mostly succeeds due to its novelty, rather than being a transcendent union of pleasures. But to turn down chocolate infused wine due to the tackiness of the matter is to draw a line in the sand that leaves your throat parched and dust-bitten, when it should be refreshed with creamy melty alcohol.

On a more serious note, one of the problems of chocolate wine is that since it has a mild taste, not tasting much sharper than chocolate milk, it could be easy to forget just how intoxicating it can be. Especially since, for example, Chocovine is a pretty high alcohol wine, weighing in at 14% alcohol by volume, fairly high for a wine. There is also the obvious risk of chocolate wine being an easy and attractive way for underaged people to drink alcohol without realizing the consequences.

Those things to the contrary, chocolate wine is a pretty fun and festive thing.

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