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When rated by Consumer Reports, Annie's did quite well though it did _not_ outrank Kraft (which took top ranking). Interestingly, Kraft Deluxe did miserably compared to the traditional Kraft that's become so familiar.

Annie's has good flavor but is a great deal skimpier on sauce than any other macaroni and cheese. However, this made it a low fat and low salt choice, if I remember correctly.

I didn't like Annie's Cheddar version, but have been enjoying the Alfredo kind for years. It has tiny shells instead of noodles, and garlic and basil.

An interesting way to make lactose-reduced but intensely rich mac and cheese, for either sort, is to substitute sour cream for the milk. Strangely, the heavier a dairy product is and the more fat is in it, the less lactose there is. This is perhaps not so surprising- lactose is a sugar, after all, and the process of making skim milk tends to concentrate this sugar.

A tall glass of sour cream contains less lactose than the same glass filled with skim milk.

Natural and Organic pasta made by Annie's.

This brand of macaroni and cheese, with the characteristic "Rabbit of Approval" may look generic at first, which is why I was pissed off the first time my mom picked this up from the store instead of Kraft. However, as Wedge.net pointed out, it is in fact "Very tasty, and superior to Kraft Mac & Cheese in just about every way. It also comes in a plethora of flavors, including

Family-Size Original
Microwavable Single Servings
Cheddar Mac
Alfredo (with garlic and basil)
Mild Mexican
Mild Cheddar
Peace Pasta
Organic Shells & White Cheddar
Organic Alfredo
Organic Whole Wheat

The company, called Annie's Homegrown, also makes "normal" pasta and pasta meals. I'm hooked....besides, who can resist that cute little bunny?


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