Jimbo, in one episode, was caught using a a Newton;

Smithers runs a Mac (remember how it boots: a naked image of Mr. Burns, saying, "Hello, Smithers, you're quite good at turning me on, thus proving that Macs are for faggits)"*

Homer tries to talk to Gen-X record store clerk about the Us Festival.
"The what festival?"
"The Us Festival. You know, it was sponsored by that guy from Apple Computer."
"What computer?"

I know "faggit" is really spelled "faggot." Yes, I know Macs aren't really for faggits or faggots (to my knowledge, I am neither, and I've been a Mac user since I was a kid). And I know that many people find that word offensive; I presume the readers of a Simpsons node have at least a rudimentary grasp of irony, however, which is why it's still there.
You are still welcome to upbraid me via /msg; just keep these things in mind.

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