With the said question marks the topic, I admit that this is the very way that I stumbled across Everything, and ultimately being addicted to it.

About a year ago, March of 2000, I was aimlessly browsing one day while working for the local ISP NetNet. I went to my normal online news sources, including ShugaShack, New York Times Online, CNet, and of course, Slashdot. While reading one of the articles about the future of the Iridium network, or about The Borg raising hell with the district courts, I noticed a small question mark about one of the mundane computer terms. Not knowing what the hell the word or the question mark meant, I clicked on the question mark.

Cue scene in 'Contact' where Jodie Foster gets sucked through the slipstream and onto that island in space . . .

Whoa and behold Everything2.com! What is this? Why is the screen so blindingly white? Who is rescdsk?

Let the good times roll . . .

A suggestion that has cropped up a few times is that slashdot should recognise square brackets as hard links to e2. This would certainly encourage /. users to take advantage of this beautiful resource that we have here.

This PHP function is the one I use on ascorbic.net, and I use a variant that also adds title attributes in the E2 Chatterbox Archive. Pass it your text with hard links and pipe links, and it will return it with HTML links to the E2 node. Enjoy.

function everythingize($source)
	$r="'<a href=\'http://everything2.com/?node='.urlencode('$1').'\'>$2</a>'";
	$source= preg_replace($pat,$r,$source);
	$r="'<a href=\'http://everything2.com/?node='.urlencode('$1').'\'>$1</a>'";
	return preg_replace($pat,$r,$source);

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