Every time a new edition or revision of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) comes out, Oxford University Press immediately sends out a press release to all and sundry telling them the "hip", "trendy" and "high-tech" words that are now "officially part of the language".


Without fail, these are stupid, pointless, insipid pieces of idiotic marketing babble that will be removed again on the next edition. Some examples that I haven't blocked out of my mind include :

Despite these failings, the OED will always be infinitely superior to the Politically Correct ShitSwampTM that is the Encarta Dictionary.
You may also be interested to know that the OED was initially created in a similar way to the Open Source communal development approach. OK, not exactly, but there are parallels. See the rather "popular science"-y book The Surgeon Of Crowthorne (U.S. title: The Professor and the Madman) for a concise description of its origin.

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