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Whimsical late seventies (possible including early eighties) stop motion animation children's television programme (UK).

The Wheelies were small car cum people type characters (stange, I know) who sped around a small town, usually shouting at each other, if memory serves. Chorlton (which is also an area of Manchester - he had a northern accent, I remember, but rather a generic one - not really a Manchester accent) was a small dragon, orange with red spots, and he laughed a lot. (Was he a 'Laughter Dragon', perhaps?) This laughter was the one thing that stopped Fenella, the Kettle-Witch, from having any power over him.

Fenella was able to transport herself around the landscape by vanishing under her hat (it looked as if she was sinking into the ground), which she did really very fast indeed. She was always surrounded by mushrooms and little spikey things. I forget why. She had a Welsh accent, and, famously, said 'You great spotty oaf' at the dragon, at least three times an episode, when his laughter threatened to thwart her plans. Needless to say, she lived in a kettle.

The theme tune is a fond memory of the average UK thirty-something : 'Chorlton will take you on a spin, and show you round the Wheelie World...'. Ahhhhh. Happy days.

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