A demon that appears in Neil Gaiman's amazing Sandman comic. He has acquired Morpheus's helm, and is challenged to a competition which he loses. Read the Preludes and Nocturnes graphic novel to see the whole story.

Choronzon, the Demon of the Abyss, the Stooping Dragon with Eight Heads which struck at the Crown of the Tree of Life and failed to attain it, become lost within the confusion of falsehood which is "knowledge," called in Hebrew "Da'ath." Choronzon is without substance and is "legion," being an infinite concatenation of various disconnected impressions vifified into the delusion of sentience and self-existence by the various scraps of ego which may follow a magician into the Abyss. The Demon Choronzon will devour (presumably by subsuming "them" into itselfs) anyone without the proper momentum to cross the Abyss, or who is unable to keep Silence, which is the one condition which the Demon, in its mad confusion, cannot abide.
In terms of mythological imagery, Choronzon has been described variously as a howling beast, a black snake, the black dragon of death, a mirror, and, perhaps most bizarrely, a pig. Pigs were apparently associated with a certain ancient chthonic diety called Chozzar, and also associated with Typhon-Set. The pig is one of the only animals which will readily eat excrement, and the consumption of the particular excrement of menstrual blood is particularly relevant to the practices of Typhonian magicians, or so it is said...

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