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Born 1750 Died 1815

Christian Henrietta Caroline Acland, usually called Lady Harriet Acland, was born on the 3rd of January 1750, the daughter of the first Earl of Ilchester. In 1770 she married John Dyke Acland, who as a member of parliament became a vigorous supporter of Lord North's policy towards the American colonies, and, entering the British army in 1774, served with Burgoyne's expedition as major in the 2Oth regiment of foot. Lady Harriet accompanied her husband, and, when he was wounded at Ticonderoga, nursed him in his tent at the front.

In the second battle of Saratoga Major Acland was again badly wounded and subsequently taken prisoner. Lady Harriet was determined to be with him, and underwent great hardship to accomplish her object, proving herself a courageous and devoted wife. A story has been told that being provided with a letter from General Burgoyne to the American general Gates, she went up the Hudson river in an open boat to the enemy's lines, arriving late in the evening. The American outposts threatened to fire into the boat if its occupants stirred, and Lady Harriet had to wait eight "dark and cold hours", until the sun rose, when she at last received permission to join her husband. Major Acland died in 1778, and Lady Harriet on the 21st of July 1815.

Being the entry for ACLAND, CHRISTIAN HENRIETTA CAROLINE in the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica, the text of which lies within the public domain.

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