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A 10:39 long epic by Scottish post-rock band Mogwai, off the album Come On Die Young.

The song is a classic example of Mogwai's starting off quiet, building slowly, then exploding into noise style. Except here the noise is much more melodic then in other songs. It also features a very cool drum beat that really drives the loud section.

Anyway here's how the song breaks down.

-A few minutes of just guitars, one guitar playing the opening melody, the other adding some textures and playing some nice melodies of its own. This section is very beautiful and is classic Mogwai

-Then the bass enters and gives some power to the guitars which still play their little melodies

-Bass leaves, guitars change to quietly strumming fifths and augmented fifths (pretty dark stuff)

-This is the best part, at this point the listener doesn't really know what to expect, the two guitars just keep strumming their two chords, and then out of nowhere the bass comes back, this time it's LOUD, damn loud, it plays one chord strummed hard in a very cool rhythm, backed up now by a huge bass drum. Things start to speed up, now all instruments are building up to something.

-Now the aforementioned drum beat kicks in, this beat is fucking awesome, one of my favourite beats in any song from any band, the guitars start playing a new part consisting of two chords strummed in an awesome rhythmic pattern that fits so incredibly well with the drums. It's about now that you start wondering how they came up with something this good.

-Distortion kicks in, things get pretty noisy, but still remain relatively melodic, and a screeching guitar line comes in after that.

-Now a little breakdown after all the noise, things are quieting down a bit

-After things have really quieted down the drums leave and we're back to the guitars playing their lovely floaty melodies, this time backed up by bass and some strings

-10:39 later and you have one hell of a masterpiece.

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